Thursday, December 16, 2010

Using checks in the supermarket

So I was in line behind this sweet old grandma today in the checkout line, and it was bad enough that she had a thousand people behind her, but then she busts out this old gem:

People still use checkbooks? At the grocery store? Really? Her purchase was like twenty dollars, has nobody told her about check cards? That seems cruel.

Now this alone would only have been mildly annoying yet tolerable, but she had to:
  • Get out her purse
  • Remove her checkbook
  • Open it
  • Get a pen
  • Flip to a blank check
  • Begin writing it
  • Double-check the amount
  • Sign and complete
  • Tear it out
  • Have it processed by the cashier who clearly had never seen a check before in her life

Are you kidding me? 

Okay, I understand, you're an old woman, you live alone, nobody helps you, life is hard. But can you really not make out a check with a blank amount signed to the store before you leave the house? You have to spend two minutes holding up ten other people?

Old age is no excuse for inconsideration.


  1. Maybe she did it just to mess with all the young folks? If I was old I'd totally do stuff like that haha

  2. I think "The dude" could give her a run for her money. If ya know what i mean =)

  3. In England no where accepts cheques any more, but I've just moved to France and it's very common here! I did an old post on it ages ago

  4. I almost never write checks. Debit cards all the way!

  5. I've never seen anyone do that... must be quite the scene.

  6. I think you just got trolled hard, by a grandma... or was it..

  7. Dude, ive been there. Cool blog, following and supporting

  8. Well, that's better than waiting for her to use all the change she has been keeping and paying cent by cent

  9. People who do that make me want to kick puppies.

  10. She needs to get a check card asap lol

  11. haha feel kinda sorry for her xD

  12. fuck I remember having to process checks at my old job. Waaaaaaaack.

  13. "Time Burglars" all of them!
    "Just because you waste my time doesn't mean you gain it!"